Citizen 2020 - Belonging Exhibition

    Citizen 2020 Art Exhibition W3 Gallery

    Citizen 2020 - Belonging Exhibition

    Exploring identity, culture and our experiences of belonging.



    Citizen 2020 brought together people of different faiths, ages, ethnicities, to explore and understand their personal and community legacies as a foundation on which to build friendships and relationships of trust. Acknowledging, exploring and celebrating diversity and difference, we creatively explored complexity. Our aims:

    • Develop social interaction between residents by mapping, understanding and sharing their historical experience and its’ impact on them.
    • Enhance intercultural and inter-religious dialogue through exploring the concept of ‘identity’.
    • Develop social action through creative, sustainable practices and structures for communities to co-create their future. 


    The ‘Belonging’ exhibition is the culmination of the Citizen 2020 projects held with children, young people and adults at school, youth clubs, W3 gallery and community venues. A partnership project led by ARTification, Double Helix Resources and ARK Space. We worked with artists specialising in different mediums from visual arts to spoken word and film. The project is supported by funding from the John Lyon’s Charity and Acton Gardens Community Chest.



    13th June - 23rd July 2019

    Opening event: 13th June - 6:30 - 8:30pm



    The Art:



    Group presentation

    mixed media


    ‘Fragmented world’

    Yousif Naser

    Artwork expressing Up-rootedness, Displacement.

    A narrative concerning the feeling of being cut into small pieces, cut off. Art showing the disconnection and ‘pieces of things.’  Not one story; Different stories.


    'Where Are You Really From?'

    Rachael Owhin

    polaroid photographs

    mixed media


    The Recycled Zoo

    Massimo di Nucci

    upcycled materials


    ‘Voices of Belonging’

    WAPPY youngsters

    Grace Quansah led spoken word workshops

    spoken word on film


    Circles of life, Mandala

    Youth project group piece created with Cameron Gill from The Art Box

    The Living Room

    paint on paper


    ‘Emerging Memories’ series

    Year 6 students group piece

    Berrymede Junior School

    wax & ink

    These are works were the culmination of the citizen 20/20 project on memory and how it affects who we are. This was a collaboration between the pupils of Berrymede Junior school and the artist Rosie Wiley. 

    The children discussed early memories and using a wax candle a sketch the images onto the page. They've been took a number of robins around the school before completing the work with an ink wash to reveal the outline of the Victorian building that is Berrymede Junior School.

    Mr N Jeffs, Head of Literacy, Berrymede Junior School


    Afghan Academy International

    Assiya Amini

    Group piece

    mixed media



    Shadow of Myself: The multiple dimensions and absence of self

    Ayaka Littlejohn

    paint on canvas


    Chapter in my life…

    Anna Lentowicz

    acrylic on wood


    Other side of midnight

    Waqas Muazam

    oil on canvas


    From In to Out

    Paul Fisher

    oil on canvas


    The Smile of an Elder 

    Syreta Boost


    This photograph is a true reflection of my heritage. It shows the character and beauty of an elderly lady going to church on Sunday morning. As a Jamaican I grew up in the church and was always taken every Sunday by my grandmother, like it or not. Although I strayed from my religious practices of going to church every Sunday as I got older. The teachings and discipline has never left me. When I think of my heritage I always think of going to church with my grandmother.



    Haddi & Vinnette.



    C2020 documentary




    The Acton Museum

    Hyein Choi

    mixed media


    WHY? We Hear You

    EU project

    30 participants Citizen 2020 workshop



    EU project

    ”Supporting the Integration of Migrant Women, Refugees and Asylum Seekers”

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