WAPPY workshop

    Young People… Do you know who you are?

    WAPPY workshop

    C2020 youth project


    16:15 - 18:15

    WAPPY workshop for young people (ages 4 – 16) who can take part in an exciting project led by ARTification and Double Helix, with WAPPY’s input. The John Lyon's Charity funded C2020 Youth project brings together young people of different faiths and ethnicities to consider all the wonderful legacies and gifts each individual has and would like to share to help build new friendships.  

    WAPPY offers two workshops at the W3 Gallery, the first one led by Brian de Lord using his ‘Double Helix’ model adapted for young people on Thursday 14th March (4.15-6.15 pm). The second led by Akuba on Thursday 21st March (4.15-6.15 pm) will use spoken word to encourage participants to express their own stories using artwork and creative writing which will be part of an exhibition and future showcase.

    The theme ‘Identity’ runs through both workshops and we will consider the above questions using games, discussion, group work, ice-breakers and presentation. 

    W3 gallery

    185 High Street, W3 9DJ

    51.5073106, -0.27189129999999

    Events organizer

    Rachel Pepper


    020 8896 9247



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