My Mural

    My Mural

    My Mural

    Bollo Brook Park's public art

    This summer a new beautiful public art piece was created at Bollo Brook Park in Acton. Here, the Artist Georgia Green talks about her process:

    In August 2021 I was nominated for a project grant and given the commercial opportunity to create a large-scale outdoor mural in Bollo Brook Park, London. The project was funded by Central St Martins (UAL) in collaboration with the associate organisations MyMural and Artification to whom I am incredibly grateful. 

    The themes within the mural centre around a fusion of nature and childlike magic, complimenting the green and open space in which the mural is situated and bringing a colourful element of ethereality to Bollo Brook. A mythically large tiger leaps through the wall into a colourful wilderness in which local children are playing. The ethnicity and age of the children is ambiguous as I want the figures to reflect different genders, ages and ethnicities in relation to the diverse local community. This final design was selected by members of the Acton community and the pupils of Berrymede Junior School where the work is situated.

    As a young creative professional I am keen to increase social engagement within my practice as the spaces and locations in which I create my art are profoundly connected to the formation of the work itself. For this reason public engagement has been a key focus of the Bollo Brook mural project. I want the positive impact of the mural to reach beyond its visual presence long-term, and for the work to exist as part of the local narrative of Acton. 

    With this in mind I actively sought to involve members of the Bollo Brook Youth Centre in the creation of the mural. In coordination with Artification we enabled a selection of young adults and teenagers to receive a fully-paid opportunity to assist in painting the mural. This was an enlightening and well-received experience for all involved. I shared my technical knowledge as a muralist, and learnt in return a wealth of information surrounding the historical and contemporary community of Acton. 

    I hope to return to Acton and run a workshop with the Junior school, increasing my engagement with younger members of the community. Many of the young people who visit Bollo Brook Park regularly were keen to interact with us throughout the two weeks we spent working on the mural. It has been a real privilege to be able to reach out the community and share our creative process over such an expended duration. We hope to mural continues to receive interest and have a positive impact on Acton, as this is exactly what we were hoping to achieve with the project.

    Work created by the talented Georgia Green @georgiagreenart and Marina Renee-Cemmeck @mimi.murals. Watch the video about the making of the mural on our website here




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