South Acton City Village

    Community connection at South Acton Bloc Party

    South Acton City Village

    The South Acton City Village initiative aims to connect people in place. We are working in partnership with Berrymede Junior & Infant School as the heART of the community, alongside residents, creatives, partners, groups & those with a passion for developing connections with others in South Acton. It is part of an international collaboration, entitled: ‘Art of living – Living is Art Project’

    Village In The City helps you to build micro-local communities where YOU live.  Whether it’s at the level of a street, a few blocks or a neighbourhood, you can start and create your own ‘village in the city’.  The good news – it’s not about money. It’s about using your talents and taking small steps to engage others.  And everyone has some useful skills, gifts and passions to bring to the service of our communities.  Village In The City has members all over the world.

    Villages have:

    • A name –  usually this is already there & we will consult the participants & the school about what this should be
      • Recognisable, distinctive, widely known and used
    • Inclusivity
      • Everyone who lives there is a ‘member’
      • Addressing multiple hopes, needs and interests
      • Drawing on the ‘treasure within’ – skills, resources, desire to participate
    • Meeting places (accessible to all and within walking distance)
      • Indoor – a Berrymede school classroom
      • Outdoor – public spaces, green places
      • Places for chance encounters as well as planned events
    • Connection within the village
      • Papers, newsletters, emails, Facebook groups, Whatsapp available to all
      • News and updates which go to everyone
      • Fostering two-way communication (not just ‘us’ to ‘them’ or ‘hub’ to ‘rim’)
      • Has a way to reach out to newcomers and engage them
    • Hosts
      • People who foster connection as part of their role (this used to be the pub landlord and the religious leader, but can now be a more expanded concept)
      • This role should be shared around – multiple hosts make for wider participation and less burn-out
      • Can be an informal role (people just doing it) as well as more structured
      • Not just ‘organisers’ but also co-participants, joining in along with everyone else
    • Inclusive gatherings
      • Milestones in the year to bring people together – summer garden party, diverse religious and cultural festivals, e.g.  Hogmanay, Christmas Fayre, Eid, Diwali, etc music weekend,
      • Regular inclusive opportunities to meet, build community and reflect – perhaps including churches, teas/coffees, drop-ins, perhaps a Sunday Assembly
      • Open community events like homeworker meetups, film club, play streets, quizzes etc etc
      • The more specific and locale-relevant the better
    • And… an ‘identity’
      • What makes this a special place?
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