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    ARTification have been selected as the Implementation partner in the Northolt Public Arts.  The creative brief for the multiple public art sites centres around the predefined themes of Celebrating Heritage, Northolt's People and Diversity, Identity and History, and Green Space Heritage. These themes, foundational to the project's strategy, will serve as a comprehensive framework to guide and inspire artists and creatives throughout the co-creation process. The brief is dynamic and will expand collaboratively with stakeholders as the creative journey unfolds, incorporating a diverse range of ideas, feedback, and conversations. The aim is to capture the rich tapestry of Northolt's heritage, people, identity, and green spaces, ensuring that each public art piece resonates with the community it serves.

    The Artification Public Art Creation Process unfolds through strategic steps, weaving together opportunities, connections, placemaking, empowerment, and a sustainable circular growth model. This integrated approach leaves a lasting imprint on Northolt's cultural landscape.

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    Rachel Pepper