Visual Artist

Fem Sorcell



Fem Sorcell is a multi media site-specific artist, who aims to draw you into a surreal and ethereal world filled with botanicals and delicate line work.


Avishkar Chhetri
Documentary Animator

Avishkar Chhetri


Avishkar Chhetri was born in Porkhara Nepal and grew up in West London. He graduated with highest honours from Kingston College School Of Art & Design in Digital Arts specialising in Animation, Digital Illustration and Concept Design. Now he is undertaking a MA in Animation from the Royal College of Art

Richard Elson, Amira camera
Richard Elson on the set of Scrutiny

Richard Elson

Personal website

Writer and Director for TV, film and theatre.
Self shooting artist and photographer in traditional and 360 virtual reality filming.
Passionate about social justice and the environment.
Phone number is my agent's number (Andrew Naylor, United Agents)

Leanne Armstrong graphic designer and illustrator
Leanne Creative greeting card and gift illustration and portraits
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Leanne Armstrong

Leanne's website and portfolio

Leanne is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and illustrator based in South London. She has experience working with a variety of clients on anything from flyers, children’s books, wall decals, logos, magazines and more. Using vivid colour and complimentary graphics, she creates attractive and compelling designs, with harmony between imagery and typography.

My Paintings


Art is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!

glass painting, watercolours, acrylics
Artem in Lucem
multimedia artist

Anna Twarog

Artem in Lucem

I was always fascinated by the vibrancy and intensity of the colours in glass and the way it comes to life when exposed to light, stained glass windows in churches or sun catchers and I tried to duplicate those effects in my digital work, blending them with my view of the world – the lines and connections between nature and people. A few years ago I started experimenting with painting on glass.

Being a self-taught artist gives me pleasure and freedom to find my own style while expressing myself with mediums I choose to work with. My work evolves through my own personal experience finding an inspiration in nature, folklore, myths and legends. I love to explore unique colours, movement, energy, texture, emotions and music with every new work.

The Stars, The Sea and My Longing
Multidisciplinary Artist

Laura Bodo Lajber


In every work I create, I put all I have inside. Every piece tells a story, and it is the result of a very specific feeling. All of them are unique pieces created in a time of internal burning. I find no sense in creating a piece without having a strong sickening need to do so. My pieces are made of fire.

profile pic
Royal Road

Mohammad Yassin


italia nappo artist arti
all together now italia nappo illustration

Italia Nappo


Italian visual artist living and working in London.

Her practice ranges from illustration to decorative arts, upcycling and graphic design.

Follow @leftoverpens on instagram.


Teddy Baden


Teddy Baden is not simply driven by a fascination with dogs. Literally viewing them as ‘Hairy Aliens, living amongst us’… his artwork is a celebration of an incredible relationship, of human society’s historic and endearing subsumption of another species. 'Fly Bye' 2015 Near Latimer Road, West London pictured.

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