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    Celebrating 20 years of Artification with ARTi Trustee & Hikeyetna founder Sulaiman Othman, Arts Councils Symone Williams, MP Rupa Huq, Street Artist ATM, ARTi Director Rachel Pepper, DrumCams Mike McKenzie & many more at W3 venue, North Acton Pavilion.

    “Now in our 20th year, we are celebrating our achievements and planning our development. There is much to celebrate as we move forward. Supporting local artists & creatives, ARTification has also brought a sense of community and pride to the streets and public places of Acton. Residents have come together to support the eco-art initiatives and have taken ownership of their public spaces, creating a more vibrant and welcoming community for all. We are thankful for local support in recognition of the creative, cultural, and environmental work that we do with our partners, participants, and team.” Rachel Pepper, Director

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