Barry Khwatenge

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    Little bit about me

    I live close to the Pavilion and have been volunteering with ARTification since September 2021. Having been living in isolation I wanted to get out, meet people and do something positive. I found ARTification and joined the team. “Now I have learned a lot about art, the community, the culture. The outcomes were better than I imagined – I was just looking for anywhere to volunteer.”  I found  that I have “Enjoyed everything.”  At my volunteer feedback meeting, I spoke of the skills I have learnt: “Gardening and team work! Writing skills and communications. Making friends, engaging with participants and residents.” My confidence and connection have really blossomed since I began volunteering: “Volunteering helped with my mental health and social skills. If I wasn’t here I’d be just sitting in my room." My connection to the community is a work in progress: “I live on a road without neighbours and a big motorway. The activities and meetings help, one day maybe you see someone at the station that you met at an event.”